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Why Gildan t-shirts are the best to invest in, for a business?

Who does not love customized, or personalized things, be it apparel or fashion shirt and accessory then. As far as the top 5 wholesale t-shirts are concerned, ones that are easily exposed to being customized for the wearer, only Gildan can come to your mind!

Because of the functionality, versatility, and 100% easy-to-decorate manual, it becomes more fun than ever to make t-shirts that are customized. We at Apparel Bus have been doing this for as long as we can remember, where exceptionally advanced decoration services and machines customized t-shirts are made.

As a successful e-store in the USA, our foremost advice for a newbie in the apparel industry would be to invest in Plain Blank Gildan T-shirts because they are the best investment and you can see the comparison between Bella + Canvas BC3001 vs Gildan G500!

Let’s explore:

Top four reasons why Gildan T-shirts are Best

Whenever someone needs comfort, the first thing that clocks their mind is to get in comfy clothes. This is where they search their wardrobe for the comfiest yet COZIEST T-SHIRT like Bella Canvas and Gildan T-shirts with their full fledge comforting era has certainly ruled over the hearts.

Here are the top five reasons why as a new apparel business you should buy Gildan T-shirts in bulk:


Gildan is a much versatile brand. As far as the Gildan T-Shirts are concerned, they are functional and the material range they offer is exceptional. They prove to be ideal for customization, and the ultimate difference between Bella+Canvas BC3001 vs Gildan G500 Best Performances is enough self-explainable.

Following is the material range that you get in Gildan T-Shirts:

Heavy Cotton:

In winter, layering is very important. Which often begins with wearing a comparatively heavier fabric material t-shirt. Gildan Heavy cotton t-shirts offer which are made to order. It though exists as the perfect canvas to paint in whatever design you like or with any famous quote.

Quote on shirt, custom t-shirt
Your favorite quote on a shirt, custom t-shirt

The most exciting part of stocking Gildan Heavy Cotton shirts G500 is that no matter if any form of customization is done on it, it does not increase the weight of the t-shirt making it easier to wear and carry in extreme weather. Brand it to increase the purchase of team owners, and entrepreneur companies to amplify their purchase.


With a 100% pure Gildan G500 adult heavy cotton fabric composition, Gildan G200 Men’s T-shirt has the ability to be pre-shrunken as well. It is light-weight hence purchased a lot more than usual. Moreover, the swag and weightlessness are determined to be functional and also come all pull together when worn. Stocking up on Gildan G200 heavy cotton shirt has an array of benefits that it is sold out in almost every season.

Soft Spun:

A soft spun t-shirt is different from both a GILDAN G200 ultra-cotton t-shirt and a GILDAN G500 heavy cotton t-shirt. Mainly because of the process through which it is carried out. With only a standard thread in consideration, the t-shirt made is durable, lighter, and softer. Though, from the price point they are retrieved to be a little pricey however the consideration is not at all compromised. Gildan 64000 Men’s Soft Style Gildan T-Shirt is the best when it comes to preferring a light-weight yet sturdy T-Shirt.

Texture & Feel:

For the Comfort, and soft texture that Gildan T-Shirts offer. It becomes almost impossible to resist purchasing these. Gildan always has to offer premium quality with little to no defective pieces. As a business, we at Apparel Bus have experienced the promising value that the Gildan brand offers. Ranging from every season, the lightweight, to heavy fabric work cloth t-shirts promises to be useful in any weather.

A sustainable Choice:

In the contemporary timeline, with increasing pollution and waste it is essential to refer to an apparel brand that is sustainable. Gildan throughout its operations to marketing aims to contribute at a very minimum level with regard to pollution in the environment. Hence, as a newbie, if you stock Gildan T-Shirts, chances are that as a responsible vendor, your reputation in the market would be stabilized. Directing to making your brand on the verge of cash flows.


As one of the oldest yet everyone loyal and loves Gildan shirt brands ApparelBus.com is ready to claim that the premium materials that go inside the making of Gildan t-shirts are exceptional. Comfort, durability, longevity, variety of colors, fabrics, fitting, and quality at the end in the form of being customized in any design.

Gildan G500 best shit for ladies
Gildan G500 Best Shit For Ladies


Gildan T-Shirts are one of the highest, and Plain Blank T-shirts selling shirts. From casual wear to styling them for workwear, their versatility capacity is very high. Stock Gildan T-shirts to ensure that customer demand customization services including Heat Transfer, screen printing, embroidery, and DTG.

This makes Gildan T-Shirts the best investment for a business that is all set to step into the Apparel Industry! Good luck.


Q: Is Gildan a good company for Hoodies?

Gildan Hoodies are undoubtedly the best when it comes to combining fashion, and comfort in one place! Shop for the popular Gildan Hoodie G12500 at ApparelBus to get amazing discounts.

Q: How to choose a good quality T-Shirt?

With so many T-Shirt brands available in the market, it legit becomes impossible to track records for the quality and price -point even. Gildan in this case undoubtedly earned the label of being the number no. 1 good quality Wholesale T-Shirts. Shop to try for yourself!

Q: How to wash Gildan T-Shirt?

Gildan T-Shirts are of high quality mainly because of their compositions. This is where they step up the requirements for washing as well. Follow the below-given steps:

  • Machine wash only,
  • Use non-chlorine bleach only,
  • Don’t iron (for less number of washes).

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