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New Year’s Eve- An Overhyped Event or Worth It?

Undoubtedly, New Year is everyone’s favorite event. Obviously, the chance to reboot your life and professional or personal insights becomes easier to do on the last day of the year. However, the real question is it is a worthy event to celebrate and spend an arm and a leg only for the sake of pictures? Well, the debate can go on and on.

As people opt to buy warm clothes for winter, the majority of them want to look out to search ‘Customized t-shirts near me’. The quest to be on one’s side and defend it till the very end is quite difficult. New Year’s Eve has been on the verge to be an overhyped event or worth the hype. Mainly because it becomes important for all, with the inclusion of the word ‘new’. With this attribute in sight, it becomes legitimate where the instance of new year’s tee shirt designs that people search.

Nevertheless, in this blog, we’ll try to dissect the dilemma about New Year’s Day being worthy enough for celebration, or whether one can even spend this day in affordable apparel with loved ones.

We’ll give you three reasons about:

Why you should Celebrate New Year’s Eve in Full Swing?

The definition and aspect of ‘Swing’ differ for everyone. For some, it is a closed gathering with few loved ones, whilst for some, it is an occasion to have a shopping spree for thermal shirts, for pretty chilly nights.

Here are 3 reasons why you should celebrate New Year’s:

Memories-Maker: Every year, we go through a train of emotions, successes, failures, and journeys that end and start in the very year. Which makes us wait for the coming new year. So as to make new memories from scratch. Hence, for the sake of memories, it is worth the celebration. Also, what doubles the happiness is celebrating New Year’s Eve in your favorite new year’s following t-shirt trending designs. Looking for a t-shirt print near me.

Resolution-oriented: New year’s, new resolutions. It serves as the best occasion where you can set new goals, and objectives. Be it losing weight, or getting your wardrobe fit with the famous and best-seller Bella Canva BC3001 t-shirts. Dare to dream, on this eve in front of your loved ones.


Lisa Hammouda

Now, it is time to consider the reasons:

3 reasons why New Year’s Eve is OVERHYPED!

With the life span becoming shorter than expected currently. It is vital that we enjoy ourselves with people and less on scenes that are artificial and only an unjustified means to spend loads of money. Rather you can invest in buying affordable apparel on New Year’s, and distribute it to those who are unfortunate!

Here are three reasons which make New Year’s Eve an overhyped event:

Nothing New: Deep down, in our hearts, all of us know that there is nothing new on New Year’s. It’s always the old us, who are either after a monetary aspiration or to be successful in professional lives. Whatever the case, our ultimate advice to you would be to not go overboard with the New Year’s party and rather make your wardrobe new. With new and customized affordable apparel, make sure that you leave an impression this coming year.

Explainable: When you get together with a relatively larger group of people on New Year’s Eve, you get to share New year’s resolution with them all, which kind of becomes a challenge then to fulfill.

Save & Spend: Rather than hosting a grandeur party, it is considerate to save. For the foreseeable future, save the amount and spend it on other necessary expenses.


New Year’s Eve is the day of spending it with your LOVED ONES. But, the condition to spend it in a grand way is WRONG. One has the full right to celebrate in whatever way they like, with or without resolutions EVEN. With the three reasons why, you should celebrate New Year’s in a massive way, and three reasons why you should not!

Leaving you to decide, which one suits you! If you are someone who is tired of searching for Customized t-shirts near me then it is a chance to avail of Decoration services from Apparel Bus. This New year’s, synchronize with your clan over a video call.


Q: What types of shirts are trending?

A: At Apparel Bus, we have always been a pretty trendsetter when it comes to selling customized t-shirts. In 2022, the following types of t-shirts were in trend:

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Q: Where can I buy New Year’s Clothes from?

A: We have recently launched our collection of brands at Apparel Bus, which is where you can buy Bella canvas t-shirts, or sublimation jersey designs for yourself, and your friends.

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A: Yes, you can use our code ‘NEW23’ to avail of HUGE DISCOUNTS on New Year’s when shopping at Apparel Bus!

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