Cleaning a hat is a delicate process. We’ve got the tips, methods, and supplies you need to keep your hat looking brand new and squeaky clean, whether you need to give it a quick cleaning to freshen and revamp it or you actually wear it every day and would put it in the washing machine if you could.

Here are some suggestions for keeping your hat looking fresh, clean, and sharp for as long as possible.

Storing a Hat

Place your hat on a flat surface upside down on its crown, not the brim. It will flatten and alter shape if you leave it on its brim.

You may also use a hat rack or a peg to hang your hat. Make sure the peg or hook is wide enough to prevent the hat from dimpling. To build a larger platform, cut a slit in a tennis ball and put it over the hook. When storing your hat on a peg for an extended length of time, the force of gravity tugging on the hat may cause it to lose its form.

If you’re going to keep your hat for a long time, it’s ideal to store it in a hat box that holds both the brim and the crown. Heat and moisture may potentially harm your hat, so keep the box in a cool, dry location. However, moths may try to eat your topper, so add lavender or cedar (a wonderful, masculine scent) to keep them away.

How to Clean a Hat

Dirt that isn’t compacted. Brush your felt hat if it’s looking a little worn and dusty. Brushes with nylon bristles might be too abrasive for felt, so use a horsehair brush instead. A soft shoeshine brush would suffice, although you may purchase hat-specific brushes. To use on a light-colored hat, get a brush with light-colored bristles, and vice versa for dark hats, since the bristle color might occasionally transfer to the hat. Brush your hat in tiny counter-clockwise strokes with the nap.

  • Dust.

Using a slightly moist towel, wipe the surface.

  • Fuzz and hair.

If your hat is coated in pet hair or fluff, use a piece of tape to gently wipe it down. Wrap it around your fingers with the sticky side facing out and gently brush it across the hat.

  • Smudges and stains are common.

To remove a stain from a felt hat, use a gum eraser or a rubber sponge (similar to a make-up sponge) to wipe the mark or smudge. Hat sponges and dry cleaning sponges are also available. Sponge can also be used in this situation.

If the stain or smudge remains, use Hat Cleaner. It’s sprayed on, then brushed off once it dries into a powder. You may also try putting some cornstarch into a grease stain and then brushing it away.

Use ivory soap and a damp towel to gently wipe the stain out of a straw hat.

Fashion Tip: A hat can never go wrong for a beach picnic

How to Extend the Life of Your Hat

  • Handle the brim of the hat rather than the crown.

I admit that I enjoy taking my hat by the crown and doffing it. It simply appears to be awesome. However, while it may be stylish, it isn’t healthy for your hat. All of the pinching will impair the crown’s ability to retain its form or cause an irreversible crease. The cap will be soiled by the oils and grime on your hands. By holding the front and rear of the brim, you may take off or pick up your hat. To avoid spreading filth to your hat, always touch it with clean hands.

  • Allow for natural drying of wet headwear.

Allow your hat to dry naturally if you are trapped in a downpour; artificial heat from a hair drier or heater might distort or shrink the hat. To avoid flat spots on the crown, remove the sweatband and put the hat on its brim on a towel. Shape the hat to its correct shape; a wet hat will dry in the same shape as you left it.

Avoid getting a straw hat wet since the moisture will cause the straw to expand and distort the form of the hat.

  • Never, ever, ever leave your hat in a hot car.

Heat and sunshine can cause your hat to dry out, discolor, and shrink. As a result, don’t leave it on your dashboard, trunk, or in front of a window at home.

  • Flip your sweatband down to dry it out when it gets damp and greasy.

Perspiration will evaporate rather than seep into your hat as a result of this.


  • Fibers derived from nature (Wool, Cotton, and Linen)
  1. Mix 1 spoonful of detergent with 1 cup of cold water to make a mild cleaning solution.
  2. Dip a clean cotton cloth in the solution and apply a tiny quantity to the discolored area carefully. Using a cotton swab, dab the stain. Rubbing the substance will cause it to break down.
  3. To absorb as much moisture as possible, pat dry with another cloth or paper towel. Allow the hat to air dry completely.
  4. If a stain on a cut-and-sew hat is very stubborn, take it to a local dry cleaning to minimize further damage.
  • Synthetic
  1. Hand washing synthetics like polypropylene and acrylic is an excellent idea. Simply pour 1 spoonful of detergent into a clean sink filled with cold water.
  2. Gently agitate your hat in the water before rinsing it with cold water.
  3. Finish by gently rolling your hat in a clean, dry towel, unrolling it and allowing it to air dry.
  • Suede
  1. Make a solution using white vinegar and water in equal parts.
  2. Allow to dry after dabbing onto a nylon-bristle brush and gently rubbing over the stain.
  3. To remove extra moisture, gently wrap your hat in a towel, then air dry on a second towel.
  • Straw
  1. Brushing straw is an option. For the strongly textured straws, a tiny whiskbroom might be used. A soft brush or towel can be used to clean other straws.

Note: Before following any directions, please check the label inside your hat. If your hat doesn’t come with cleaning instructions, use the recommendations above as a guide.

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