When the temperature begins to drop, it’s time to break out your trusted cold-weather companions, often known as coats, and start layering. Jackets are a must-have for any group in chilly weather. However, choosing the proper one may be tough, especially with so many options and features to consider. We put together a little guide of the different types of jackets we offer to help you pick the perfect one for yourself. ApparelBus has an endless selection of jackets, we put together a little guide of the different types of jackets we offer to help you pick the perfect one for you in this cold weather.

Continue reading to learn which jacket is best for your daily needs in winter!

1. Softshell Jackets

Softshell jackets made to order are a must-have for every group. In comparison to hard-shell jackets, which are stiffer, softshell jackets are composed of a softer material that feels more comfortable. Softshell coats fall between a fleece and a waterproof jacket in terms of weight and breathability. Water-repellent, breathable, and elastic are the most common characteristics of softshell coats. They’re usually constructed of polyester, with elastin incorporated in certainly tailored coats. Hi-Vis softshell jackets are used to keep you safe and visible in risky working settings in winters.

What it’s good for Softshell jackets is a great option for layering in transitional or cool weather. Softshell work jackets can also be used to design as an addition to company uniforms, as well as popular employee incentives or present ideas. Whereas, ladies’ softshell jacket is also a great option for winters. Dri Duck 5324 Men’s Pinnacle Puffer Body Softshell Hooded Jacket is our most popular softshell.

2. Thermal Jackets

Thermal jackets and thermal coats are made to keep you warm and safe in temperatures ranging from +10°C to -10°C. In a thermal fleece jacket, the outer shell is usually made of polyester and has a quilted pattern on the outside. Thermal jackets include interior insulation that traps warm air and outside layers that are generally water-repellent to keep you dry and safe. Thermal wear will be the best outerwear dress for cold weather you purchase for making your winters comfortable and easy-going. They generally feature a sleek shape that makes them ideal for layering, and some are even packable for simple on-the-go transport.

What it’s good for Thermal jackets are fantastic for the outdoors and for organizations wishing to provide their staff with a lightweight custom jacket that can be worn over uniforms or packed away for trips. The Dri Duck 5090 Laredo Boulder Cloth Canvas Jacket with Thermal Lining is our top custom thermal jacket option.

3. 3-in-1 Jackets

Because of its sturdy construction and high-grade protection features, 3-in-1 jackets are regarded for being of premium quality. These custom coats are made to endure the coldest temperatures and the most severe weather situations. They have water and snow resistance material finishes, as well as polyester exterior layers and inside fleece lining. This jacket generally features a hood and zippered pockets, as well as a longer parka length for more coverage.

What it’s good for 3-in-1 jackets is a wonderful choice for companies wishing to add a warm, high-quality jacket to their employee or team uniforms in preparation for the winter season. During the Christmas season, they can make excellent staff incentives or gift ideas. The Bayside 1130 USA-Made Full-Zip Fleece Jacket is one of our favorites.

Important Points to Remember

Choosing the ideal jacket is a must-do chore for every company, especially as the winter weather approaches! Whatever jacket you choose, they’re a terrific premium gear option to add to your staff uniforms or to give as a Christmas present to your personnel. While browsing our extensive collection, bear in mind that practically every jacket has three key components to consider: the outside shell, the insulation, and the inside lining. You’ll be able to limit down a few easy and high-quality alternatives depending on what you’re searching for in each component. For more styling options you can check: How to dress for cold weather | Men’s winter style guide for better styling options for you.

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