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Big Friday and Cyber Monday in the USA

Shopping is Always a Good Idea

Whoever said Money cannot buy happiness didn’t know where to go shopping! With New Year around the corner, everyone wants to stock up on things that would come in handy in decoration and would look out when worn.

However, with inflation at its peak, it becomes extremely difficult to shop for the things that you like, need, or simply want to buy for your loved ones. With digitalization in full swing, and as the ultimate need of the hour, online sales have simply saved SHOPOHOLICS from going bankrupt. Since the last decade, globally there are two popular online shopping events that people desperately wait for throughout the year, known as Big Friday and Cyber Monday. Both are considered the unofficial holiday season shopping festive event.

As far as statistics are concerned, Online Big Friday let alone was responsible for carrying out a whopping 90 million consumer rate, Whilst, Cyber Monday saw 77 million consumer traffic. Well, if that is not enough, both events have amalgamated a shopping frenzy with regard to in-store purchases too.

What is Big Friday? Why is it Important?

Throughout the U.S. and Canada and now globally as well, soon after when Thanksgiving Day is observed on the 24th of November, the first Friday is celebrated as ‘Big Friday’. It refers to an unofficial shopping event celebrated online and in-store, A Day where brands live fat, big, and amazing deals and discounts throughout their products or services. In the U.S., it is known as the start of the holiday shopping season where consumers usually shop for New year’s, or Christmas.

Big Friday has undeniable importance for the U.S. economy as it gives a worthy and noticeable amount of business to the country. Likewise, for clothes hoarders, SHOPOHOLICS, or thrift lovers Big Friday has a much sentimental value they can shop their hearts out without wearing their wallets out.

What is Cyber Monday? Why is it Important?

The first Monday after Thanksgiving Day is termed Cyber Monday. It is a marketing jargon that is widely used and referred to in the United States. For 24 hours, online shopping becomes live at fewer prices, and customers can get more for less. Cyber Monday was introduced to reduce the habit of online shopping in customers. It is considered an escape for people who do not to elongate their shopping trips away from their loved ones on holidays.

Popular Products on Big Friday

In 2022, shopping trends towards certain products have legit got the gist of heavy shopping. Presenting you a list of popular products on Big Friday 2022:

1. Fit Bit Watches

With a busy schedule, it completely becomes impossible to track good health and Fitness. With a Fit Bit watch, tracking your physical health becomes easier than ever.

2. Nespresso

With all the Instagram trending from coffee stories, it is pretty irresistible to make one by yourself. Now get an amazing Nespresso machine and make your mornings more active than ever.

3. X Box

Who doesn’t want to play games from live streaming? Purchase an X-Box to transform your room into a LIVE GAMING ARENA.

4. Bow flex Machines

Sorted out with your New Year’s Resolution? If not, then tick-cross Fitness from it as Bow Flex Machines are on HUGE SALES.

5. Crewneck Sweatshirt:

For nights, who is colder than days? Get a fantastic pair of sweatshirts from Port & Company

Popular Products on Cyber Monday

This unofficial holiday shopping day is responsible for a customer’s purchase intention to reach a hike as soon as it goes live. Presenting the five most popular products on Cyber Monday:

1. Oral B Electric Tooth Brush

An electric toothbrush is all that you need in the coming year! Cause who wants to spend minutes cleaning teeth?

2. Chi Flat Iron

Does hair straitening take more than half of your ready time every morning? Switch to a Chi Flat Iron and reduce your ready-time by 30 minutes!

3. Gildan T-Shirts

Winters are not here for a long-time but a quick time. Buy Gildan T-Shirts now at Wholesales Rates to spend summers in whole swag!

4. WWDOLL Face Masks

Precaution is ALWAYS better than CURE! Get 5-layered Face Masks now to stay safe than ever!


Be light on your wallet and switch to SMART Bulbs Now! Get rid of paying fat electricity bills today.

What is the Most Popular Store on Big Friday?

Want to know where to get these popular products from on this Big Friday? Read Below to know:

1. Amazon

With more than 100+ deals live on BIG FRIDAY, Amazon tops the chart with its popularity.

2. Walmart

This Big Friday, Walmart has impressed consumers with its speedy delivery!

3. Target

Not 1, not 2, get the whole week of Big Friday Deals live on Target in AMAZING RATES.

4. ApparelBus

More than 200+ brands and 10,000+ products, available in sizes up to 6XL, with Free Shipping on Big Friday orders above $149.99 only at ApparelBus.

5. Ali Baba

Want household, personal care, and commercial products in one place? Explore Ali Baba now to avail affordable Big Friday Deals.

What is the Most Popular Store on Cyber Monday?

Ready to tighten your sleeves and shop your hearts out this Cyber Monday 2022? Shop from the most popular e-stores then:

1. BestBuy

Make your Cyber Buy from the BestBuy. Get exclusive Cyber Monday deals on electronic items and everything else you want to Buy.

2. Macy’s

Shop for New Year’s from Macy’s exclusive Cyber Monday deals on Kids, Women, Men apparel, accessories, and bags

3. Way Fair

Cyber Monday is all about shopping for everything you LOVE, and your HOME tops the list, right? Get outstanding deals on home décor from Way Fair today.

4. Over Stock

The kitchen is the heart of a home. Get cozy and aesthetically functional crockery and kitchen appliances from Over Stock’s Cyber Monday deals.

5. Nordstrom

This Holiday season, find perfect gifts for your loved ones. Shop from the live Cyber Monday deals of Nordstrom.


This holiday season, shop as much as you like. E-stores and in-stores have been light-weighted on wallets! One way or the other, Cyber Monday or Big Friday have their unique pros; however, the only con that both shares are that during peak hours, delivery gets late. To skip that, you can pre-fill your carts and go to Boggers when the sales go live.

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Big Friday Vs. Cyber Monday

Due to the consideration given to each shopping event, their timeline differs. Big Friday hardly lasts 1-2 days online whilst Cyber Monday can be extended up to a week. Hence, if you’re a latecomer to the party there will still be something in stock for you!


Why do people buy on Big Friday?

To avail of discounted prices on a great deal of products, people usually buy from Big Friday.

Is Cyber Monday cheaper than Big Friday?

No, there exists no absolute proven answer to this question. However, you can find in e-stores to find a cheaper deals on the same products.

Can you put Big Friday on a shirt?

Yes, visit our decoration store now to get a quote for your desired customization.

How much does it cost to put a logo on a t-shirt?

Charges for logo embroidery on a t-shirt differs, you can talk to ApparelBus customer support at +1-800-710-8896 to get a better idea of your order price.

How Much Do You Really Save On BIG Friday?

You can save anywhere from $5 to $100 on great Big Friday Sales. Explore Apparel Bus’s BIG FRIDAY sale to save on your next order.

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