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Bella + Canvas BC3001 vs Gildan G500 Best Performance- What to expect?

Performance is that ONE measure that differs for EVERYONE! Some people are inclined towards relating this with price potential, whilst others relate PERFORMANCE with the durability of the product in consideration. Despite of all odds, when it comes to clothes comfort color is the one aspect that people relate PERFORMANCE with!

Today, in this blog we’ll touch on & probably extend the debate upon Bella + Canvas BC3001 VS Gildan G500 with respect to their performance. Before diving deep into the discussion, it is fore mostly vital to acknowledge the individualistic appearance of both Gildan g500 & Bella Canvas bc3001

Gildan shirt G500
Gildan G500 most affordable shirt

What is the difference between Gildan Fabric and Bella + Canvas Apparel?

Gildan Fabric and Bella + Canvas Apparel

When the selection of a T-Shirt is into consideration, one acknowledges so many factors! For instance, either you want an airy, light t-shirt, or a warming one, OR either the brand is what appeals to you!

Both Bella + Canvas bc3001 and Gildan g500 are the most sought tees of all time. However, it all comes down to deciding on the purchase on the basis of performance

1. Gildan G500:

One of the truest, and tried affordable Gildan t-shirts are popular for its performance. With the fabric composition of 100% cotton preshrunk, the shoulder-to-shoulder transparency that Gildan g500 tees have is commendable. Gildan g500 is known to be offered in 70+ colors, with a weightage composition of 5.3 oz.

Buy a Gildan G500 t-shirt to look classic, feel premium, and enjoy longer usage. Another functionality preferred for the Gildan fabric is that they are perfect for CUSTOMIZATION. You can buy Gildan shirts in bulk and make them embroidered for a reliable, affordable, and timeless look!

How much do Gildan g500 Heavy cotton t-shirts last?

As far as the durability or longevity of Gildan g500 is concerned, they last up to 12-18 months. With proper wash and cash, the soft and promising composition of Gildan fabric truly fills the claim. Hence, they prove sturdy when you wear them to work, or for a long day on roads (campaigns, protests, walks, etc.). Gildan heavy cotton t-shirts are perfect for gifting as a workwear uniform to team members after getting them customized with your company logo, and name.

Everyone wants to buy affordable Gildan t-shirts, however the quest is about:

How to Wash & Care Gildan g500?

We at Apparel Bus always maintain Gildan tee shirts in bulk thereby you can always check out our stock to purchase affordable Gildan t-shirts. Further, refer to the following steps to make sure that your Gildan tees last you LONGER:

  • Say NO to Dry Clean,
  • Use Non-chlorine Bleach,
  • Machine wash ONLY,
  • IRONING is not NEEDED,
  • Refer to Tumblr Dr

2. Bella + Canvas bc3001

A unisex jersey that has been a family favorite FOREVER! You can buy Bella+Canvas apparel in more than 55 colors. With a soft yet sturdy composition shop Bella+Canvas makes the best out of winters, and summers as well. Specifically, Bella+Canvas BC3001 is sold out within seconds of restocking and people prefer to gift Bella+Canvas to their loved ones because of the versatility.

Bella canvas bc3001

Bella + Canvas for their optimum quality, has become a priority of people for gifting on special occasions. Want to know from:

Where to Buy Bella + Canvas Apparel?

You can always get Bella+Canvas Stock from online wholesalers in the USA. ApparelBus.com is one of the options which are readily available to buy Bella + Canvas stock.


Both Gildan and Bella+Canvas have formed their own set of reputations as per their performance. It depends upon the usage, consideration, price, and place from where you are ordering the t-shirts. As Apparel Bus has Gildan g500 stock, and Bella+Canvas stock which is perfect for you as it is wholesale t-shirt rates, and also comes with FAST SHIPPING.


Q: Does Bella+Canvas 3001 shrinks?

As an experienced wholesaler of Bella+Canvas 3001 shirts, they only shrink 5% maximum or less in some cases. This shrink will most probably occur in a widthwise, or lengthwise medium.

Q: Which Bella+Canvas shirt is good for sublimation?

The Bella+Canvas 3001 is one of the highly recommended Bella+Canvas shirts. It is expected to show exceptional results in the case of sublimation, and embroidery. The 35% viscose and the remaining 65% polyester are perfect for carrying out results.

Q: Is Bella+Canvas 3001 good quality?

The good quality T-Shirts of Bella+Canvas are not a myth, these are one of the comfiest, yet of premium quality.

Q: How do Bella+Canvas unisex shirts fit?

Visit Bella+ Canvas Unisex Shirts to ensure the fitness that these shirts stand.

Q: How many Headwear types are available?

There are many types of the headwear that you can shop from. For example, Visor caps, Fashion Caps, Performance Caps, Safety Caps, Baseball Caps, flex fit caps 6997 and Beanies as well come under Headwear.

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